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A fun Christmas card idea in which the family wanted to be illustrated as a team of Marvel and DC superheroes. They call themselves … The H Team. Can you figure

Family Christmas Card by Kerry G. Johnson

Superhero Family Christmas Card by Kerry G. Johnson © 2012

out the superheroes?

A recent caricature project for “Super” Ethan. He’s really into superheroes and enjoys making craft projects using masking tape. His parents used this customized flyer as his birthday party invitation.

"Super" Ethan's birthday party invitation

The APS Physics team at is going to be at Comic Conin San Diego next month talking about physics and Spectra, the Laser Superhero comic book series we publish. If you’re there, look for the team wearing these shirts that I designed.


T-shirts worn by Team Spectra at Comic Con 2012

Here’s the link to the 4th issue of the SpectraSpectra HeatsUP_Cover comic book. Available from

I had the pleasure to illustrate a caricature of friend who was celebrating his 40th birthday.

Tory G caricature

Caricature of Tory celebrating 40th birthday

Spectra: Issue #3

Spectra #3 for

Here’s the third installment of the adventures of the laser-powered superhero Spectra. In this comic that I illustrate for the American Physical Society and, we see the first appearance of General Leslie J. Relativity, a gruff, distinguished military veteran. When he comes to teach at Spectra’s school everyone becomes curious about his mysterious experiments in his physics laboratory.


The Spectra comics that I illustrated for

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