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From a recent press write-up: Kerry G. Johnson: Award-winning cartoonist encourages children to follow their artistic dreams What does it take to become a successful cartoonist and caricaturist? That was one of the many questions asked of Kerry G. Johnson, an award-winning cartoonist, caricaturist and graphic designer, who spoke recently to a group of children [...]

A PHI A logo for Kappa Chapter 100th Reunion

I’m a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. In January 2011, the fraternity celebrated its 100-year Anniversary of Kappa Chapter at the Ohio State University (where I was initiated). I happily designed the logo for the centennial celebration. The same logo was printed atop the celebration’s cake.

Troy Polamalu caricature illustration

Troy Polamalu caricature illustration Here was a fun project. A tractor retailer wanted a caricature of Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamulu riding atop a tractor for his Super Bowl party. It was an inside joke for his family and friends. It was an interesting assignment and since I am a Steelers fan, I enjoyed the challenge.

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