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Harambee Hills makes Editor's Pick

Just learned the Mother’s Day (May 8, 2011) Edition of Harambee Hills, the comic strip I co-created with my wife made the “Editor’s Pick” section on Thank you editors!

Kerry with Nikola Tesla

In 2010, I illustrated a comic book inspired by the real-life adventures of the scientist, Nikola Tesla for the American Physical Society for its blog PhysicsCentral: Buzz Blog.

Color Me Physics is a series of books that I illustrated and published by created with the goal of introducing children to physics is a fun and exciting way. In addition, to the popular Spectra superhero comic books, PhysicsCentral provides both coloring and games/puzzles books about famous physicists. Visit this link:

From a recent press write-up: Kerry G. Johnson: Award-winning cartoonist encourages children to follow their artistic dreams What does it take to become a successful cartoonist and caricaturist? That was one of the many questions asked of Kerry G. Johnson, an award-winning cartoonist, caricaturist and graphic designer, who spoke recently to a group of children [...]

Welcome to the latest addition of the websites of caricaturist and illustrator Kerry G. Johnson. I am gradually transferring all my recent project work to this online location.